Musicians & Producers: Are you tired of seeing less talented people THRIVE in the music industry while you sit in the sidelines? 😒

(We feel your pain...)

It's not your fault. 

Sadly the music industry is filled with misleading information: people with no track-record selling "Industry/Label Contacts" , companies selling unusable and expensive contracts, Fake Gurus selling Blueprints (when they haven't had success themselves), labels and artists buying bots and exploding social accounts & streaming services to make themselves look popular and try to cheat the algorithms... the list goes on... All of those being non-sense tactics that take away your precious time and money that you'll never get back (while your dream of music as a career fades away)... That being said there's is a solution to this problem!!!

🚫 STOP mindlessly begging for attention in Youtube & Instagram comments... Or begging for tips during a livestream.... 🏆 Use our platform to kickstart your professional career instead...🎙

Join the 1% of Music!

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I Understand That When I Act Now, I get Instant Access to MusicMastermind's "ALL ACCESS PASS", which includes unlimited access to hundreds of training videos & development tools:

  • Our Advanced Recording Techniques Module.
  • Our Advanced Mixing Techniques Module.
  • Our Advanced Production Techniques Module.
  • Our Music Business Pro Module.
  • Our ContractHub Tool for unlimited music contract generation​.
  • ​Our private Facebook group. An amazing community of passionate music professionals elevating their careers to new heights.

Alejandro Sanz  "La Música No Se Toca"
Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee "Despacito"

Producer/Engineer/Artist +15 years in the pro music industry (not some Fake Guru) ➡

Producer/Engineer/Artist +15 years in the pro music industry (not some Fake Guru) ⬆

Alejandro Sanz  "La Música No Se Toca"
Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee "Despacito"

I Also Understand That When I ACT NOW, I Also Get... 

I Also Understand That 
When I ACT NOWI Also Get... 

  • BONUS E-BOOK: Curated notes from our  Career Development Acceleration Presentation inside of the MUSIC BUSINESS PRO MODULE (On-line exclusive).
  • BONUS E-BOOK: Curated notes from our  Career Development Acceleration Presentation inside of the MUSIC BUSINESS PRO MODULE (On-line exclusive).

 P.S. - Every minute you wait to get our ALL ACCESS PASS is another minute you'll miss out on finally kickstarting your music career unto the next phase. With the power of our platform, you can quickly and easily turn your music making efforts into a worthy & profitable career!

But don't just take our word for it...
Take a look at these testimonials from fellow music makers just like you!

Camilo Velandia

Professional Touring/Studio Guitarist

"MusicMastermind.TV is a frickin' encyclopedia of Professional Music!" 📚
I've know Alex J for a very long time and I can say he is a fantastic multi instrumentalist, engineer, and producer. Besides being a shredder and running the best studio in Miami (Noisematch Studios), he's very talented and knowledgeable in the aspects of the music industry, the recording industry, and music in general! 
Always a pleasure to hang/work with him!

Daniel Vince

HipHop Artist

"This is a TOTAL GAME-CHANGER." 📈 
Working with Alex J was a turning point for my artistic career. His platform is OUT OF CONTROL. There's just so much value inside. It's like having a cheat code for Pro Music.  
I definitely would recommend it to anyone regardless of their stage in the career!!!! This man is droppin' straight GEMS!
Big up for ma bro J!


HipHop Producer

"MusicMastermind.TV is my one-stop-shop. " 💎 
From learning how to layer and polish my beats to getting all of my music contracts on lock. My clients now take me way more seriously. The ContractHUB is a dream tool. It's super solid & there's plenty of templates for pretty much everything I need. It is fast & it prevents fishy or unpaid business ..not to mention that it is SUPER CHEAP when compared to the alternative of buying contract bundles. Which I have before and never really used 😂.

Juan V

Latin Pop/Reggaeton Artist

"If you're in professional music, this is your Swiss-Army Knife." 🔑
This guy and his team really know what they're doing! I was lucky enough to work on the production of some of my singles Alex J. In just days after starting to work with him, I  already felt growth as an artist. After several months of working with him I can tell you he has all the advice, talent, and experience to pass on to anyone looking to become a successful artist. He's a master of the game. This isn’t just some commercial junk, it's the future.

 Let's learn more about the platform...

MusicMastermind.TV is your on-line information central for all of the professional music activities. From all of the pieces of the creative process to the development of musical projects unto the professional music market.  Get access to ALL of our PREMIUM MODULES with our ALL ACCESS PASS. 

Included with our ALL ACCESS PASS comes our ContractHUB tool. We have pre-made/ready-to-sign PDF contracts for artists, producers & engineers that are instantly generated after filling out a simple questionnaire. Forget about overpaying for contracts or spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.  

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  • Your own ALL ACCESS PASS for all of our premium modules.
  • Access to our game-changing ContractHUB tool to generate unlimited custom legal contracts for your music activities.
  • Access to our private Facebook group. An incredible community of music professionals & people just like you on their journey to professional music success that will help you get to your goals FASTER.

Special one-time offer ($25):

Special One-time Offer ($25):

Music Marketing Ebook Bundle

Music Marketing Ebook Bundle

Click  ADD to include this bundle in your cart 

Click  ADD to include this bundle in your cart  ➡

There's many vehicles towards marketing you music. Which ones do you pick? What do they bring to the table? Can you manage all of them? If you don't have enough money to build your project... have you considered crowdfunding? Get a our Music Marketing E-Book Bundle to help you create a solid marketing plan to become a music success.
  • E-BOOK #1: Music Marketing Essentials For Artists.
  • E-BOOK #2: Creative Crowdfunding For Artists.
  • Building the foundation: we'll analyze the major marketing vehicles and create a framework for our marketing.
  • ​Proven success strategies & tactics: No BS or fluff. We'll tell you what works & what doesn't. 

Limited-time Exclusive upgrade ($45):

Exclusive Upgrade ($45):

BrandBook Template for Artists 

Click  ADD to include this bundle in your cart  ➡ 

BrandBook Template For Artists

Click  ADD to include this bundle in your cart 

Our Brandbook Template is a SIMPLE powerpoint presentation file where all you need to do is change the embedded pictures and answer the questions & notes inside of it. The result will be an INDUSTRY-READY document you can use to show others how your brand sits within the musical landscape and can be as detailed as to offer brand interactions and pursue future monetization opportunities. This is something that usually is crafter by a marketing agency and costs thousands of dollars to craft. UNTIL JULY 10TH, we're dropping our price (normally $150) to $45 so, take advantage of this exclusive offer for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

The cheat-code to your professional music career